Hollow Ground Straight Razor Restoration

Custom Scales & Restoration

As as a craftsman, I handcraft many sets of custom scales. Each set is unique to the razor on which they are equipped to ensure the best possible fit and style. I carry a variety of materials in stock and will only use materials that I am confident will be long lasting and stable. Any material I do not have in stock can be accessed to make sure you have exactly what you envisioned.

Original restoration process is done with care, to preserve the historical integrity of the razor. Finishes will vary, depending on the condition of the razor being worked on. I endeavor to be honest about what the outcome of each razor will be and if it is worth restoring, as some razors may never take an edge due to rust or damage.

Straight razors are a wonderful piece of history that I am happy to keep in service.
Please do contact me directly to work with me on any customization and restoration project.

Step 1

Send me an email outlining what kind of work you would like to have done. If you aren't sure, please do ask questions and I can help you decide on what type of restoration or customization would complete your vision.

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Step 2

After I have received the razor that needs work or you've picked a razor from my inventory that catches your eye, I will start work as soon as I can. If there is anything of concern, it will be brought to your attention right away.


Step 3

Once the razor's transformation is complete, detailed pictures will be sent to you. At that time, I will receive payment. Once we are settled up, the razor will be carefully packaged and sent back for you to enjoy!