Hollow Ground Straight Razor Restoration

Creating genuinely unique and beautiful razors that can be enjoyed for generations. Keeping tradition alive. 

How it all started

My curiosity was sparked when my wife gave me a disposable straight razor set to try out. I found that it was very enjoyable, but noticed that the quality just wasn't there, so I eventually purchased my first legitimate straight razor. It was a brand new Timor bismarck 6/8 and it was easy to see the difference between the real deal and the disposable razor. At a point I decided that a secondary razor would be worth having to split up the usage and reduce the amount of honing needed from daily use. This is when I found the De-Pews perfect razor which I still use in my collection today. Again, the difference between the new and vintage was immediately apparent. Vintage steel is on a level all its own.

It wasn't long after that, I had started to build my skill set restoring razors and building my shop to suit this new endeavour. Restoring the razors that I had found, experimenting with different materials and learning how to hone a keen edge only increased my passion for straight razors. I started by doing restores only for close friends, then decided to branch out once my skill reached a certain level. Now it is a pleasure to create unique heirlooms shipped around the world.

Why straight razors?

I often am asked about the advantages of using a straight razor over a conventional disposable razor. Once one starts using a straight they rarely ever switch back, here are a few key points:

  1. Closer shave
    There is no guard, just the sharpest edge possible, blasting away whiskers.
  2. Good for your skin
    As you shave with a straight, the razor ex-foliates your skin. In addition to that, the shave products traditionally used are also very good for your skin.
  3. Cost effective
    Although the initial investment may seem high, the long term savings are incredible. One razor can last you a lifetime and the only upkeep cost is the occasional honing.
  4. Eco-friendly
    No more throwing away plastic cartridges, packaging and aerosol cans.
  5. Man points
    Few things make you feel more manly than voluntarily putting a straight razor to your face. Men should feel like men and this is a great way to fill that need.

Style & Quality

The stance that I've taken in restoring a razors is that a razor should be as beautiful as it is functional.

I select materials that I know to be durable and stylish as a razor should be used for a lifetime, then passed on from father to son (or son in law). I can access nearly any type of material you like and will be honest about the durability and care needed with each type.

As for razor inventory, I select only razors that are known to be good shavers. I cannot bear to send something out that I have no confidence in. Truth be told, I have a special fondness for English razors and will often stock more of those instinctively. Additionally, I keep a stock of unrestored razors for those who may not have their own razor to customize.
I endeavour to remove as much damage as possible  without damaging the geometry or historical value of the blade. 

If you already have a razor you want honed, restored, or want custom scales, just send me an email and I will be happy to work with you to make your vision a reality.


Beginners tips

If you are new to straight razor shaving there is a few basics to know. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have, I am committed to making your shaving experience as enjoyable as possible.

  1. Get a strop
    A strop is essential to razor maintenance. If you do not strop before every use your razor will soon become dull and need to be honed. Too much honing will reduce the life of a razor drastically
  2. Use proper shave product
    Shave preparation is very important to the quality of your shave. There are a variety of great products available to use on the market. I recommend a good pre-shave cream, shave soap and after shave balm or splash.
  3. Be patient and consistent
    Do not rush, use a 30 degree blade angle and never use a sawing motion. Start always with the grain of your hair. Practice makes perfect.
  4. Stretch your skin
    The flatter you can keep your skin, the closer your shave will be.
  5. Proper storage
    Storing a razor in a high humidity area, such as the bathroom, is a recipe for rust. Try keeping it in a nice dry area when not in use to ensure that the finish of the razor stays beautiful. Coat in gun oil for long term storage.